• Question: What is the Meaning of life and death

    Asked by gets1tag on 23 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Alexander de Bruin

      Alexander de Bruin answered on 23 Apr 2024:

      the answer from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy is “42”.
      For me, and this is quite a big question for a text-answer, I find meaning in making the world a better place to live

    • Photo: Rebecca von Hellfeld

      Rebecca von Hellfeld answered on 23 Apr 2024:

      Hmm what a question! For biology, I would say life is the use of energy and the generation of change, whilst death is giving back to the ecosystem. But Im sure the more people you ask, the more different answers you will get!
      What does it mean to you?

    • Photo: Erin Pallott

      Erin Pallott answered on 23 Apr 2024:

      Biologically speaking, all living things aim to pass on their genetic information by reproducing. As for death, we wouldn’t have evolved without it!
      However, maybe that doesn’t give actual “meaning” to either, and it’s up to individuals to find that out for themselves!

    • Photo: Andrew McDowall

      Andrew McDowall answered on 23 Apr 2024:

      Such questions are well beyond science. We deal with the material, with the observable, with the testable and repeatable. If you reduced someone to their finest particles, seived them through the finest sieve and examined the the results with the finest instruments you would find not one atom of purpose or meaning in the results. And yet meaning and purpose seem to be so inseparable from what it is to be human that it’s almost impossible to concieve of humanity without them. Humanity runs on stories, those we tell of ourselves most of all.

      When it comes to the meaning of life –
      Some would say there is none, then find it by convincing others of this.
      Some would say it’s to worship God, but cannot agree who or how to worship.
      Some would say it’s to pursue happiness, but don’t know what it is they chase.
      Most shrug and press on regardless. Sometimes Meaning is going to bed that day with a full belly or feeling like you’ve earned your rest. Meaning, like happiness, appears unique to each of us, individual but universal, accompanying us through life and changing as we change.

      Whether you write your own stories or adapt those of others to give meaning to life, enjoy it and good luck to you.

      Death is maybe a little easier. In life there is meaning and every life is meaningful : every death is meaningful but in death there is no meaning. Stories need a storyteller.

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 24 Apr 2024:

      I think you’ve had excellent answers from the others who have responded already. There is a scientific “meaning” of life, as Erin said, which is to make sure that your genes are passed on as much as possible. (For more on this, you can read a book called “The Selfish Gene,” which talks about how our traits survive beyond us.) But humans are not just scientific; we are also philosophical, and I think everyone needs to find their own meaning in life. What interests you? What excites you? What is important to you?

    • Photo: Liz Barron-Majerik

      Liz Barron-Majerik answered on 26 Apr 2024:

      Trying to find your own answer is I think the meaning of both. And if my efforts are anything to go by, it’s an answer that will keep changing…

    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 26 Apr 2024:

      The same at the answer to the big question of life, the Universe, everything… 42!

    • Photo: Neil Barnby

      Neil Barnby answered on 2 May 2024:

      I suppose life has different meanings to different people. To some it is about making a difference in the world and others it is about finding their own peace, while still others it is about just getting by.

      I guess everyone has to find their own meaning and also accept that this may change as you get older.

      As for death, to some it means an end and others a new beginning, it depends if you believe in a life after death or in reincarnation or in nothing.

    • Photo: Martha Mulongo

      Martha Mulongo answered on 3 May 2024:

      Everyone has their own perspective which I highly appreciate. Personally life is about being peaceful, creating an impact by giving a hand, assisting someone in need. Being available and able to walk the journey with someone. We need each other and I cannot live on my own.

    • Photo: Paul Laurance-Young

      Paul Laurance-Young answered on 20 May 2024:

      To leave this world a better place than you found it.

    • Photo: Grant MacLean

      Grant MacLean answered on 4 Jun 2024:

      Not taking this as a philosophy question. Without life and death there’s no evolution. If you imagine a species that doesn’t die their reproduction rate would be near zero, and at that point there’s no evolution of the species meme. The end of history is where things are so good that they can’t be improved upon, that doesn’t really happen, so I don’t think it’s a desirable state.

    • Photo: Kirsty Ross

      Kirsty Ross answered on 7 Jun 2024:

      Without death, life would lose it’s purpose. Life has meaning because we know it is short, so we have to make the most of it. Also, from a biological point of view, resources are finite and so we need to recycle them. That’s why we have worms, insects, and fungi that specialise in breaking down dead and dying plants and animals.

      If you get the chance, there is a series called Torchwood where everyone stops dying that might be worth a watch when you are a bit older.

    • Photo: Sharron Kenny

      Sharron Kenny answered on 11 Jun 2024:

      lifes meaning can be different for everyone. some people want to make a world difference. others look for simple happiness. to be rich, successful. to live a long life. we are created and while we are on earth the life we have is for living and about making choices.

    • Photo: David Bremner

      David Bremner answered on 19 Jun 2024:

      Life and death are the just the start and end point just like in other cyclic processes. Maybe its more important that your life and death have meaning by trying to help as often and as much as you can while you are here and to leave the world a better place for having you in it when you depart.

    • Photo: Amber Villegas - Williamson

      Amber Villegas - Williamson answered on 20 Jun 2024:

      For me the meaning of life is to live.
      Sounds quite simple but it is about enjoying and learning from every moment and every experience. If there was no end (death) then the journey would simply continue and we wouldn’t appreciate the time we do have.
      If you think about how much you look forward to a beach holiday (as an example), the joy is there because we know that there is an end to that experience as it’s not something we have everyday so we appreciate our time, but if we lived next to the beach an could go everyday would we appreciate that time as much?
      Death is just the ending of life’s experience…what happens afterwards is the next journey, whether you believe in a God or not even science still says that energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed.