• Question: Are germs a deadly problem that causes death?

    Asked by manlikeamir71 on 25 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Erin Pallott

      Erin Pallott answered on 25 Mar 2024:

      Yes! When we say “germs”, we usually mean microorganisms that can cause disease. There are lots of bacteria and viruses that are NOT harmful, and we rely of some bacteria species to stay healthy and access nutrients in our food. But disease-causing microorganisms are still a very real threat to human life.

      Millions still die every year from conditions that are caused by pathogens, especially in lower-income countries. Malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and lung infections are in the top 10 causes of death in lower-income countries. We have made great progress in reducing the number of deaths caused by many pathogens.
      There are challenges such as antibiotic resistance, with some diseases becoming harder to treat.
      Political issues and conflicts also affect our ability to deliver medicines and treat people for curable infections.
      There are also “emerging” diseases which include flu outbreaks and COVID-19, where diseases are jumping from animals to humans, partially due to habitat destruction.

    • Photo: Nik Robinson

      Nik Robinson answered on 11 Apr 2024:

      Germs is another name for microorganisms, some are good and some are bad.
      our Gut bacteria are essential, but there are bacteria that can cause severe illness.
      We treat bacteria with anti biotics, but these medicines are not very targeted and can attak the good bacteria too… there are man who feel we use too much anti biotics in todays society.