• Question: what would happen to the atmosphere and our oceans if climate change continues?

    Asked by parr1red on 14 Mar 2024. This question was also asked by 🩷, wych499pan.
    • Photo: Rosa Sanchez-Lucas

      Rosa Sanchez-Lucas answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      Atmosphere and oceans are strongly related. Climate change is a combination of factors that are modifying the weather and subsequently, the environment. The levels of pollutions produced in industry and human activities (including plastic and chemical disposals) has an effect first locally and at the end of gases production to the atmosphere. This has a direct impact on temperature and light absorption by the different layers. The increasing temperatures and elevated CO2 cause changes on water fluxes and temperature regulations. The increasing temperature is melting the polar caps, increasing more the temperature, rising the water levels, changing the ecosystems around coasts. Life organims have temperature thresholds and all the biological processes are temperature dependent. At the same time, enhanced CO2 is changing plants physiology and disease patterns. Life organisms are moving to other places, replacing the previous ones and compiting for resources. Due to the worst temperature regulation, extrem events like storms and drought stronger and more frequent.

    • Photo: Sheridan Williams

      Sheridan Williams answered on 27 Mar 2024:

      The planet would evolve, but may not be able to sustain all the life forms that currently exist.
      There have been many climate changes over the Earth’s existence, it is what creates changes in evolution.
      I believe the climate is changing, it is our (human) existence that is making it change faster than it would otherwise have done.