• Question: How much does being more environmentally friendly/sustainable impact your research/jobs?

    Asked by abi on 16 May 2024.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 16 May 2024:

      One of the project that I’m currently involved in is looking at the recycling of waste plastic using low energy approaches rather than simple cooking up the plastic to break it down as cooking it up uses lots of energy.

    • Photo: Ruth P

      Ruth P answered on 20 May 2024:

      We take the sustainability goals seriously and assess new projects against these. Green chemistry is also an area we are looking into; how can we reduce the impact of our research by switching to greener processes or doing things more smartly? It’s important to think about this at the start, rather than just doing the same as we’ve always done. That’s when younger scientists with new perspectives can really encourage discussions!
      Our company encourages and promotes employees to make improvements or suggestions to improve sustainability.

    • Photo: Paul Dove

      Paul Dove answered on 26 May 2024:

      I think that having a sustainability objective as part of a development project drives creativity within the team. Asking the question, “how can we make this idea more sustainable?”, pushes a team to challenge existing beliefs and look for new ways to achieve the desired result. I was lucky to work on several projects in my career where we pushed the accepted beliefs and made a successful change to more sustainable solutions. So I would suggest that all projects and research has an ask for a more sustainable solution when delivered.