• Question: My brother drives to work always...according to him it is faster than taking the bus; this contributes to global warming.... how do I convince him to stop despite the fact that he isn't into environmental science

    Asked by agee1hear on 26 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 26 Apr 2024:

      I guess he’s using a petrol driven car… Two points to make…

      Frist, travelling by bus or train is much more environment friendly with 10 or 100s of people using a single transport device than 100s of people using cars. Much less energy is used to do so.

      Secondly, if we drives only for 10 minutes each way and the car left the rest of the day, it will mean that the catalyst in his car if he driving a petrol car doesn’t warm up completely and does not work as well so the car will produce more pollution than is expected until the catalyst warms up.

    • Photo: Rebecca von Hellfeld

      Rebecca von Hellfeld answered on 3 May 2024:

      I think it depends on how far he drives to work and where you live. For some people it is true that taking public transport takes more than twice as long to get to and from work, is more expensive, or just not possible. If the points made by Martin dont work, maybe instead ask him if at least he would consider car pooling with colleagues? If he drives past places where they could easily join him, it means that fewer cars overall are on the road but he still has the benefit of being flexible. It might not be the solution you wanted, but it might be a compromise?