• Question: Do you find that within your job, you’re spending continuously draining hours in-front of a computer ?

    Asked by must1put to Rebecca B, John H, Eva A, David M, Charlay, Cat C on 14 May 2024.
    • Photo: Rebecca Brociek

      Rebecca Brociek answered on 14 May 2024:

      It definitely varies between job roles but personally, not too much. I work in an animal nutrition lab so I am lucky enough to be on my feet for a good amount of time, and I get to travel a little as well. When I am looking at my data I will spend a lot of time at the computer, and then again when I am writing scientific papers or blog posts.

      Computer and IT skills are going to be increasingly important so knowing the basics is very helpful but if you don’t want a job that makes you sit in front of a screen all day there are plenty of other opportunities for you in the workplace.