• Question: Do you believe that robots will rule the world at some point in the future?

    Asked by seem1mess on 12 Apr 2024. This question was also asked by them1dew, edge1tad.
    • Photo: Amber Villegas - Williamson

      Amber Villegas - Williamson answered on 12 Apr 2024:

      Interesting question. Will robots rule the world…….not sure. Probably not within my or even your lifetime but in the future who knows. Perhaps robots will colonise a whole planet and create their own society. If they did rule this planet what kind of society would we have? A better one? A worse one? More progressive future thinking one?… Very interesting question…..what do you think?

    • Photo: Angela Douglas

      Angela Douglas answered on 30 Apr 2024:

      Gosh that’s a difficult one but I doubt it. I think we can make great use of and learn to live with robots to really help us live more happily, well and do less damage to our planet. AI is definitely a topic of lots of debate right know. Your generation will grown up with AI development and robotics.