• Question: why do people have a c-section

    Asked by edge1ebb to scottlake, Mary C, Kathleen D, Isabelle S, helencodd, Heidi B, Hannah, Courtney P on 7 May 2024.
    • Photo: Helen Codd

      Helen Codd answered on 7 May 2024:

      There are quite a few different reasons that a pregnant person would have a c-section. Sometimes is because of an emergency. For example, the baby is in distress (not getting enough oxygen) and needs to be delivered immediately. Sometimes they are planned, if the baby isn’t in the right position for normal delivery (normally babies come out head first), then a c-section is a safer way to deliver the baby rather than delivering the baby feet first (called breech position). Sometimes pregnant people want a c-section for non-medical reasons and that is their choice.

    • Photo: Hannah Scholes

      Hannah Scholes answered on 4 Jun 2024:


      There are lots of different reasons that people might need to have a c-section. Sometimes it’s planned, if the baby isn’t in the right position for a normal delivery, or if there is something else that might make it high-risk for the mum to give birth normally without a c-section e.g. if the placenta is sitting too low. Other times, it can be an emergency procedure, for example, if baby is in distress or really really unwell, or the same thing if mum is unwell e.g. if she develops something called HELLP syndrome or pre-eclampsia – the mum’s body is fighting against the baby and it’s safer for both mum and baby if the baby is born early by c-section.

      Sometimes, people may just choose to have a c-section rather than a normal birth, and that is entirely up to them.

      Hope that helps! 🙂