• Question: what's your favourite thing about your job?

    Asked by hang499mud on 2 Feb 2024. This question was also asked by axes499bed, the MOST supreme leader, kune1ape, year1raw, Minnie, peak1get, tend1nee, chelsea, poppyr, knew1wry, feed1hush, free1esne, gear1bods, GETS1SHWA, lailah, Niamh W.
    • Photo: Alberto Granero

      Alberto Granero answered on 2 Feb 2024:

      Answering questions and solving problems. Feeling that what I do helps other people’s projects to move forward, and these become food products that bring smiles to people eating them.

    • Photo: Alexander de Bruin

      Alexander de Bruin answered on 27 Feb 2024:

      Solving problems and my team (both the team I lead and the team that I’m part of)

    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 28 Feb 2024:

      There’s a couple of things I like about my job… Firstly, I get to find out new stuff that no-one else knows about and I then get to tell people about it. Secondly, I get to teach, train and mentor the next generation of scientists and hopefully see them find careers and do well.

    • Photo: Michael C Macey

      Michael C Macey answered on 5 Mar 2024:

      I love getting to support researchers and students. During my time in high school, my undergraduate degree, and my PhD I was helped and taught by some amazing scientists – now I get to help train and support my amazing students.

      The fact that this also involves getting to do some cool research is definitely a beneficial side effect.

    • Photo: Kirsty Ross

      Kirsty Ross answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      I love that I can, most of the time, follow my curiosity and set up projects to study it. I also love helping researchers reach their engagement goals and discover a passion they never knew they had.

    • Photo: Sandra Robertson

      Sandra Robertson answered on 17 Mar 2024:

      When something I have been working on for a really long time, suddenly gives up it’s secret and I’m able to finally work out what was wrong and how I can fix it, to not just work but work better than it did before.

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 22 Mar 2024:

      I love all the variety! I can do a different thing almost every day, and I’m always learning new things about different kinds of science. I also love that I can help other people learn and discover new things, too. Sometimes, people don’t even realise they’re interested in science until we start talking… and then they realise that they actually love science. That’s such a great feeling!