• Question: What high paying apprenticeships are available to do with science for below degree qualifications?

    Asked by back499had on 6 Feb 2024.
    • Photo: Jack Hughes

      Jack Hughes answered on 6 Feb 2024: last edited 6 Feb 2024 11:20 am

      I’d recommend first having a think about what sort of science you’re interested in, as science is a huge subject and it could guide the rest of your career. in terms of apprenticeships below degree level these will be level 4 or 5 apprenticeships. some examples are below!

      Laboratory Technician Apprenticeships: Assist with experiments and data analysis in industries like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

      Quality Control Technician Apprenticeships: Ensure product quality meets standards in manufacturing, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

      Process Technician Apprenticeships: Monitor equipment and troubleshoot issues in sectors like petrochemicals and food processing.

      Engineering Technician Apprenticeships: Support engineers in designing and maintaining systems in aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors.

      Environmental Technician Apprenticeships: Monitor environmental conditions and conduct tests in areas such as pollution control and water management.