• Question: What sort of apprenticeships would you recommend for T Level Students?

    Asked by back499had on 6 Feb 2024.
    • Photo: Jack Hughes

      Jack Hughes answered on 6 Feb 2024: last edited 6 Feb 2024 11:16 am

      There are loadsss of apprenticeships available across the UK, T Levels are level 4 qualifications so the next step for apprenticeships to gain progress your qualifications is a level 6 (bachelors degree level). But that’s not the only answer, if you wanted to gain more knowledge in your chosen field you could do a level 4 apprenticeship to gain new qualifications and experiences in your field. As for the field there’s one for almost everything, I’ve just seen a “Chocolate research and development engineering degree apprenticeship”, sounds yummy!


    • Photo: Andrew Gore

      Andrew Gore answered on 8 Feb 2024:

      I was always going to go into Electrical bias apprenticeship. I, during my mentoring of students, would always shy away from telling anyone what to do.
      Each person has their own path to Tred.
      My children chose their paths on what they found most interesting.
      So should you.