• Question: How does one make a robot, what prograams do i need

    Asked by buss1tad on 13 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      If it’s your first robot, I would start with a robot building kit. Once you get used to the basics, you can improve and adapt your robot. I have a little robot that uses a RassberryPi and python programming to control it, it came with a camera but I have added more sensors and a bigger battery pack.

    • Photo: Amber Villegas - Williamson

      Amber Villegas - Williamson answered on 12 Apr 2024:

      Such an excellent question.
      I had to go online to check out some of the resources available and as Caroline suggested probably start with RassberryPi (programming language) there are loads of projects to try.

      Every robot is going to be made of some very standard building blocks and these will be different depending on what you want the robot to do.

      Sensors ( To gain information about the space around the robot, temperature, solar, touch? )
      Controls ( To interpret the data being collected from the sensor/s – this is the brain of the robotšŸ§ - The brain is where the processing language is used to interpret data and tell the robot what action to take)

      Enjoy exploring this subject there are so many videos online for very simple robots.
      I hope you enjoy exploring!