• Question: have you seen a rocket ship.

    Asked by user499eve to ravinduranaweera, Rachel E, Natasha P, Michael S, Martin M, Mark, Eileen, Christie, Amy on 13 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      I’ll be honest… no! But I have worked with scientists a NASA laboratories in the US who have been working with planetary observation and landing missions.

    • Photo: Eileen Xu

      Eileen Xu answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      I’ve seen parts of rockets in science museums before, but never a functioning one in person! I imagine it would be really cool though

    • Photo: Ravindu Ranaweera

      Ravindu Ranaweera answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      Unfortunately no. It is pretty high up on the bucket list. I have seen parts, models and mock-ups of rockets in museums (there is a picture on my profile as well).

    • Photo: Rachel Edwards

      Rachel Edwards answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      They have some at the National Space Centre in Leicester. I’ve seen them from afar!

    • Photo: Natasha Pushkin

      Natasha Pushkin answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Personally I have not seen one in real life. I work on the satellites that get put inside on the rockets and then released into Space. Those I can see day to day being built as we have special cleanrooms at work where they are built.

      Some of my colleagues will have seen rockets as some of them are involved in the launch of our satellites and go out to launch sites such as Vandenberg in California.

    • Photo: Christie Waddington

      Christie Waddington answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Yes! I went to Texas for work and we got to see a rocket from the NASA space centre in Houston. It was really cool!

    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Only at the National Space Centre at Leicester.
      My dream job is to be an astronaut. At the Space Centre I learnt that my eyesight is too bad 🙁 and now I am probably too old

    • Photo: Mark Ridgill

      Mark Ridgill answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      No but I’d love to

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Yes, I have… but never a working one! I have seen lots of decommissioned rocket ships in museums and archives, as well as at some working space centres, but I have never seen a rocket ship that was still being used to go into space. I have friends who live in America near where NASA does its launches and they’re always posting really cool photographs of the blastoffs!