• Question: do you like doing your job and describe it

    Asked by drew1app to Martin M, hayleypincott, Courtney P on 13 Mar 2024. This question was also asked by agee1maw, auks1dew.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      Yes… I’m a university professor… I basically have 3 jobs in one. Firstly, the university employed me on the strength of my track-record as a scientists. Professor are meant to be globally recognised experts in their field. Secondly, I teach student about aspects of chemistry and will supervise research students and fellows. So I’m help to create the next generation of scientists. Finally, I’m expected to participant in managing the university. This I like least!

    • Photo: Courtney Povey

      Courtney Povey answered on 18 Mar 2024:

      I love my job. My work focuses on helping people who are struggling to have a baby. I work with IVF clinics and patients to understand why these people are not getting pregnant. I then design clinical tests that can improve their chances of having a healthy baby.

    • Photo: Hayley Pincott

      Hayley Pincott answered on 22 Mar 2024:

      I absolutely loved working in biomedical science, I left my job about 18 months ago and I really miss it. I enjoyed being able to help patients get better, there wasn’t a task that I hated. Some jobs were better than others but I didn’t hate any part of my job. I was very lucky to have found something that I really enjoyed doing.