• Question: Did anyone inspire you to become a scientist?

    Asked by ways499pan on 14 Mar 2024. This question was also asked by must499pan, axes1raw, Elena, farm1tan, just1eta, step1pew, TedT, Freya, yays1tab, Emma Mc, amelia crush.
    • Photo: Ryan Durnall

      Ryan Durnall answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      I have really fond memories of spending summer days in the garage with my dad, building and fixing things like bird boxes, bird tables, mending fences etc. It seemed quite insignificant at the time, but now I’ve grown up to be an engineer, I think the process of building something from scratch and learning to use tools was quite inspiring. So I’d say my dad helped to inspire and motivate me quite a lot when I was younger. As I got a little bit older, I think I got most of my inspiration from nature, exploring, and just the world around me. It doesn’t always have to be a person – many things can be inspiring!

    • Photo: Mark Ridgill

      Mark Ridgill answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      I went on a school trip to Sheffield Poly and a student was filtering off some some white crystals and when he drew the structure I realised there were millions of molecules in the funnel.