• Question: Have you inspired any people to become scientists??

    Asked by gars499pan on 12 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Karen Edwards

      Karen Edwards answered on 12 Apr 2024:

      I’m honestly not sure – I hope so – or at least helped to show people that being a scientist is not only a great job but that it is achievable! There’s also such a huge variety in what scientists do that I’m sure there is something for anyone interested in science.

    • Photo: Tom Kitching

      Tom Kitching answered on 15 Apr 2024:

      I’ve had lots of students come up to me and thank me for telling them about a career they didn’t realise existed. I’m not sure whether they necessarily went on to do chemical engineering or work in renewable energy, but I guess the more people you influence, the higher the probability that one or more to go into engineering.