• Question: why did you want to study the brain and how has it impacted you?

    Asked by hunt1jay to Beccy, Penny T, Mona-Lisa K, Liv G, Emma W, Elly, duncanprice, Anna M, Anitta C, Abdullah I on 30 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Emma Weir

      Emma Weir answered on 30 Apr 2024:

      I always found neuroscience the most interesting topic because the brain does so much, and its very clever in the way it works. All the different cell types and pathways and regions do very different things but work together too.
      I particularly like studying neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health conditions because these have a huge impact on the people who have them, and if we can improve their healthcare that would be a great outcome.
      It makes my not take what my brain does everyday for granted!