• Question: what would happen if you some how sold anti-matter?

    Asked by news1fad to Alessio S on 12 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Alessio Spampinato

      Alessio Spampinato answered on 12 Apr 2024:

      Haha, interesting question. This reminds of the mystery-thriller novel from Dan Brown “Angels and Demons”, where actually some anti-matter is being used for criminal purpose. I think this would be the main worry if someone had to sell anti-matter, but that is fantasy. It is a super interesting substance, with lots of cool applications in scientific research. However, producing it is already a challenge and transporting it is not really possible right now. Imagining it could be successfully transported and sold, then it would be quite dangerous unless the final user were to be experts in the field of anti-matter and be strictly regulated (like the CERN institution).