• Question: what was your favorite thing to do in ur childhood?

    Asked by gear499tat on 29 Feb 2024.
    • Photo: Andrew McDowall

      Andrew McDowall answered on 29 Feb 2024:

      To run around the castles and woods at the bottom of the garden. My father was a tractorman on Lady Maxwell’s estate and we lived in a tied cottage on the estate. In it there were two castles and broad woodlands and foreshore that, after they had closed to the public for the day, were our playground. The sights! The space! The freedom! Enough to fuel the broadest imagination. Such things get into your soul.

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 29 Feb 2024:

      I really liked exploring. We lived in a quiet place with lots of fields and forests (and almost no cars), so I would leave the house and just wander about in the woods, finding new things to look at and new places to go.

    • Photo: Abbie Jordan

      Abbie Jordan answered on 29 Feb 2024:

      To read! I always loved books, they gave me some peace but also a gateway to new worlds.

    • Photo: Clemence Fraslin

      Clemence Fraslin answered on 29 Feb 2024:

      I liked playing with my friends, inventing stories in which we were heroes, running in the gardens and outside, climbing trees, swimming and playing board games. I was never the quiet kid but more the one leading others and making foolish things (I broke my arm twice and had a couple of small injuries… my mum was not super happy about it).
      I started to like reading books when I was about 9 or 10 and never stopped.

    • Photo: Savanna van Mesdag

      Savanna van Mesdag answered on 29 Feb 2024:

      I had a lot of favourite things to do! One of my absolute favourite things to do was reading books about animals and nature, including plants. My favourite book was a large and thick volume called ‘Animal’, all about animals from different groups, including Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Fish. I had other lovely nature books and I used to borrow a lot of them from the library as well, including ones I couldn’t find in any shops.

    • Photo: Tanya Riley

      Tanya Riley answered on 29 Feb 2024:

      When I was your age, I had a few favourite things I loved to do. One of them was karate. I also loved spending time at the beach, whether it was swimming, playing in the sand, or simply enjoying the calming sound of the waves. I also absolutely loved reading and I still do! Whether it was diving into magical worlds of fantasy or exploring real-life adventures, books always sparked my imagination and took me on incredible journeys.

    • Photo: Erin Pallott

      Erin Pallott answered on 1 Mar 2024:

      I loved drawing and writing stories. I would get caught a lot in class scribbling on random scraps of paper. I had a whole story world created and I’ve kept a box of everything. Once I moved to a more supportive school, I started enjoying my studies again and stopped doing that so much. But I still love writing, and now I focus on writing about science and research.

      I was also a massive gamer. I still love videogames, but I don’t have as much time to play now as I used to.

    • Photo: Carmen Whitehead

      Carmen Whitehead answered on 1 Mar 2024:

      I used to enjoy reading, especially the Goosebumps books!

    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 1 Mar 2024:

      Reading everything (including packets, which got me banned from helping out with the weekly supermarket shop because it really annoyed Mum!).
      I started playing the flute when I was 10 and still play every day now.

    • Photo: Richard Caines

      Richard Caines answered on 1 Mar 2024:

      My favourite things to do as a kid was playing sports, boxing and reading history stories.

    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 1 Mar 2024:

      I used to build plastic model kits as a kid… I enjoyed assembling and painting them. I still like building stuff but now I have what I jokingly call my “adult meccano” in the form of large stainless steel vacuum systems.

    • Photo: Christie Waddington

      Christie Waddington answered on 4 Mar 2024:

      I was really into sport and reading when I was younger. My Dad let us try all sorts of sports and we were always doing something on the weekend. But my absolute favourite thing was going to parks and woods and just climbing, running around, building forts out of sticks and getting muddy!
      Looking at other scientist comments, it seems we all just liked being outside – wander if thats a thing with all scientists? :-D.

    • Photo: Alexander De Bruin

      Alexander De Bruin answered on 4 Mar 2024:

      I loved playing musical instruments (saxophone, tuba), and that love has evolved into a love of singing. I also really enjoyed painting and playing Warhammer

    • Photo: Charlene Kay

      Charlene Kay answered on 5 Mar 2024:

      Climbing trees! I also liked (and still do!) riding my bike.

    • Photo: Michael C Macey

      Michael C Macey answered on 5 Mar 2024:

      I used to (and still do!) love reading – I struggled to learn how to read quite a lot, but after a lot of help from my parents I finally cracked it, and then I was off! My Summer holidays would be walking to the library to get a new goosebumps book (I think those are still around) and then walk to the beach and spend the day reading there.

      I also used to play in the woods behind the back of the estate I grew up on with my friends and also played a lot of video games (My first console was a PS1 which I think dates me a bit).

    • Photo: Rachel Edwards

      Rachel Edwards answered on 6 Mar 2024:

      Read the Beano and dream of being one of their artists. It didn’t happen – but I got to do cartoons for the student newspaper when I was at university, and that was amazing fun.

    • Photo: Nik Robinson

      Nik Robinson answered on 6 Mar 2024:

      As a kid/teenager I liked taking things apart to see how they worked – I was less good at putting things pack together so they still worked! (Much to my parents’ annoyance) but this developed an inquisitive mind in me!