• Question: What qualifications do you need to be an engineer for the Royal Air Force? Also what’s the pay like?

    Asked by Tom to Ryan on 13 May 2024.
    • Photo: Ryan Durnall

      Ryan Durnall answered on 13 May 2024:

      Hello, thanks for the quesstion!

      To do my job (aircraft technician), you need GCSE grade C/4 or Scottish National 5 grade C in English language, Mathematics and an approved Science/Technology-based subject.

      You can read all about my job here;

      The one thing to keep in mind is that although initially the pay is quite low, there are many benefits which mean you get to save a lot more money than you would usually. For example, I currently earn £39,000, however, my ‘rent’ is £100 per month, I get free medical and dental care, loads more time off than a ‘normal’ job would give you, and much more. Plus, you get paid extra if you travel abroad for work, and you can also be paid the money it costs you to travel home on the weekends. There are many more perks than just the pay, which is worth remembering!