• Question: what qualifacations do you need for your job

    Asked by gars1chef to Tim C on 11 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Tim Chapman

      Tim Chapman answered on 11 Apr 2024:

      So, this is an interesting question, the obvious ones are Maths and English as we are regularly writing emails, documentation, designs, and so these need to be well written. For IT related roles, Computer Science is never going to be a bad thing but we’ve had graduates join us who studies History at University, so it’s not essential. I did a degree in Business Information Technology which gave me a good grounding in both business aspects and computing but in an Apprenticeship, you can work and do your degree at the same time and is a really good option if you don’t fancy full time university. Outside of that any technical qualifications can be provided by your employer, we work closely with a lot of Cyber providers and I have loads of certification in the technologies we use.