• Question: What exoplanet that we have discovered is most likely to have life on it?

    Asked by type1nun on 26 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 26 Apr 2024:

      There is the potential for life on any exoplanet that orbits in the so-called Goldilock’s zone around it’s star. That means the planet is not to close to the star to make water into steam and not too far from the star to turn it to ice. It’s in the just right zone where water is liquid. Given that the chemistry that occurred in the pre-stellar nebula from which our sun and planets formed is pretty universal then there is every likelihood that the same chemistry would have occurred in the pre-stellar nebula from which that exoplanet formed and so there is a chance for biology to evolve from the chemistry.