• Question: Is there any other diseases that you can’t recover

    Asked by tens1sap to Zuzanna on 16 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Zuzanna Konieczna

      Zuzanna Konieczna answered on 16 Apr 2024:

      Hello, thanks for your question! There is actually quite a few diseases that we cannot cure, some more serious than others. The two examples I can think of are asthma and diabetes – both cannot really be reversed, but we know a lot about them so their symptoms can be managed and controlled. People with asthma/diabetes learn to take care of their condition, and how to prevent any flare-ups. With the help of treatments and medication they can keep the disease at bay.

      This is different to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s though, where stopping the symptoms is more difficult with the medication we have. The medication can stop working pretty fast or not be very helpful because the disease is quite advanced. This is why we are trying to understand more about the disease, to be able to act faster with medicines and find new ways to treat it.