• Question: how long ago did you become a scientist

    Asked by sept499spy on 24 Jan 2024. This question was also asked by agee1tee, star1tet, ands1pub, paca1sap, test1hay, sure1sap, draw1gum, honey, edison, hewn1wry, drew1maw, indiee, tens1smew.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 24 Jan 2024:

      If you consider that most scientists have a degree in their science, I got my first degree in Chemistry in 1983… some 40 years ago. I you want to think of my research degree award as the start, then that followed in 1987. However, perhaps we should take the start of my academic career in 1988. So over 35 years ago!

    • Photo: Nathalie Oguntona

      Nathalie Oguntona answered on 24 Jan 2024:

      In my mind always but I guess in practice got my first degree about 17 years ago

    • Photo: Zoe Vance

      Zoe Vance answered on 24 Jan 2024:

      I finished my first degree and started my PhD a bit over 6 years ago and I think that’s when I first started working as a scientist and therefore became one. But some people consider a PhD to only be ‘training’ so by that logic I’ve only been a scientist for a bit over 2 years!

    • Photo: Emma Singleton

      Emma Singleton answered on 24 Jan 2024:

      I completed my undergraduate degree in 1999, so 25 years ago now. I got my first job in science in 2021.

    • Photo: Pam Harrison

      Pam Harrison answered on 24 Jan 2024:

      I graduated with a Masters in Chemistry 16 years ago. I have had a job in science ever since then.

    • Photo: Jayne Roberts

      Jayne Roberts answered on 24 Jan 2024:

      I finished my first degree in science and start work a scientist in 1995 so that would be 29 yrs ago now. I think I have always been a scientist at heart though as it was my favourite subject from an early as Yr8 and I remember mixing up ‘potions’ in my mum’s kitchen pretending to be scientist!

    • Photo: Amit Vernekar

      Amit Vernekar answered on 25 Jan 2024:

      The seed to become scientist is inbuilt for some of us. It has to be shaped and developed as an earthen pot. Of course, the scientific degree is important to officially call one as a scientist.

    • Photo: David Bremner

      David Bremner answered on 25 Jan 2024:

      I started work at The Rowett Institute 20th July 1992 so coming up for 32 years.

    • Photo: Cat Cowie

      Cat Cowie answered on 25 Jan 2024:

      This is a tough one, because I think some of the best scientists are children, and if you are inquisitive and trying to establish a reliable answer to a question, you’re already a scientist. So it can be life long! I did get my degree about 20 years ago, so in terms of calling myself a scientist it was probably then.

    • Photo: Erin Pallott

      Erin Pallott answered on 25 Jan 2024:

      I started by PhD 3 years ago, so I’d say I became a scientist in 2021!

    • Photo: Adam Washington

      Adam Washington answered on 25 Jan 2024:

      Like many of the others have said, I’ve been doing science in some fashion my whole life. However, the first time I did an experiment that mattered to someone beside myself (my advisor wanted to map the magnetic field inside a magnet we had built) was in 2006, so I’d say I’ve been a professional scientist for 18 years.

    • Photo: Kirsty Ross

      Kirsty Ross answered on 26 Jan 2024:

      I feel like I became a scientist when I started getting paid to do it! In that case, 19 years from the start of my PhD.

    • Photo: Lisa Humphreys

      Lisa Humphreys answered on 27 Jan 2024:

      Following my fellow scientists responses, I finished my MSc in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry in 2011 I then went on to do my PhD in Pyrotechnics which led me to the job I have now as a Lecturer in Formulation Chemistry.

      My dad’s love of science passed onto me. I’ve always had a scientific curiosity.

    • Photo: Penny Timpert

      Penny Timpert answered on 30 Jan 2024:

      I first got paid as a scientist in 1986, in the Summer between finishing my O levels and starting my A levels when I worked as a fixed-contract lab assistant in Shell’s Thornton Research Center.

      My first full-time paid job as a scientist started in 1992 and I last worked directly with people in a lab in 1997.

      However, I’ve always loved to experiment with things, so I’ve probably been a scientist since I learned how to walk 🙂

    • Photo: Margaret Laurie

      Margaret Laurie answered on 9 Feb 2024:

      Technically I became a scientist when I completed my postgraduate degree (a Masters in Science), but really I think that I became a scientist as a child. I asked a lot of questions, and read a lot of books about different topics. I think that everyone is a scientist in some ways!

    • Photo: Mahmud Juned

      Mahmud Juned answered on 5 Apr 2024:

      I’m not sure when I’d class myself as a scientist, maybe when I finally started getting paid for it. So 2018 after I had finished my Masters.

    • Photo: Neil Barnby

      Neil Barnby answered on 31 May 2024:

      I guess I became a scientist 42 years ago, when I first got into computer science in 1982. Although I work in Data Science now, I am not a Data Scientist, but I guess I am still considered a Computer Scientist.

    • Photo: Beth Clarke

      Beth Clarke answered on 5 Jun 2024:

      5 years ago

    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 7 Jun 2024:

      I received my physics degree about 13 years ago, though I am hoping to go back at some point for my masters or doctorate.