• Question: Do you think science is cool

    Asked by fete1tee to Tina-Jaine H, ravinduranaweera, Michael S, Martin M, hayleypincott, David B, Cliff W, Christie, Ashleigh, Amy on 13 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Cliff Williams

      Cliff Williams answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      Yes – I think it is extremely cool. When I was young a lot of people thought so but now I am not so sure that is true. And that is the reason why I wanted to volunteer as a STEM ambassador and take part in this event. To show others how cool science can be.

      What’s not cool about getting to understand how the universe works and being able to delve into the mysteries it throws up. Travelling to strange places, meeting interesting people, investigating strange phenomena…

    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      Yes… I find it fun to do and fun to explain to other what I do.

    • Photo: Ashleigh Johnstone

      Ashleigh Johnstone answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      Yes! I used to love sitting with my encyclopedias as a child and read through all the science sections – my favourite were bits about the human body or space!

    • Photo: Ravindu Ranaweera

      Ravindu Ranaweera answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      Of course. Wouldn’t be in the field otherwise. I like finding out how everything works.

    • Photo: David Bremner

      David Bremner answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      No, it’s the people who work in it who are cool…..

    • Photo: Tina-Jaine Haigh

      Tina-Jaine Haigh answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Yes, very cool. But then I’m a geek, and so are my friends. Not all of them are scientists or engineers, some are very arty types, but they are all geeky in one way or another (by being REALLY into a subject). And I think we are all cool. We have loads of fun. When you find “your people” they will be cool to you.
      The coolest thing is when I tell someone what I do. I just say “I’m a nuclear safety engineer”. The response is usually “WOW!”

    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Yes, I get to understand the world and how it works.
      I’m lucky that I work with lots of different industries, so one day I might be on the computer and the next day I’m visiting a factory. I’ve watched:
      – glass bottles being made – molten glass at 1000*C wizzes round the factory very fast
      – Oxo cubes being wrapped – I could have watched that for hours, as it is very simple but very accurate
      – coffee being roasted and packed
      – plastic being moulded into shapes using injection moulding
      Plus I’ve learnt about concrete, e-bikes, plywood, plant based ‘meat’ and much much more

    • Photo: Christie Waddington

      Christie Waddington answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      Absolutely! Science is everywhere and is pretty much involved in everything! And we have the best humour, obviously.

    • Photo: Hayley Pincott

      Hayley Pincott answered on 22 Mar 2024:

      YES!!!!! I get to see parts of the body that not everyone else gets to see, it’s so interesting.

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 22 Mar 2024:

      I think science is awesome! It’s a way to find out the answers to a lot of questions we couldn’t answer any other way – and learn more about ourselves and the world around us at the same time. Science has so many different disciplines and shows up in so many different jobs and hobbies that there’s something in it for everyone, and I think that’s very cool.