• Question: Would we be able to live on another planet if planet earth were ever to become a place were we can't live? Is science evolved enough to know?

    Asked by Dunia_Lou123 on 13 Mar 2024. This question was also asked by feed1eta.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      If we can address the important questions of where do we get oxygen from, where do we get food from, and can we protect ourselves from any harsh environmental factors then yes we will be able to live on the Moon, Mars and potentially other planets in the Solar System.

    • Photo: Kirsty Ross

      Kirsty Ross answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      In theory we could live on the moon and Mars, but it would require a lot of resources to be able to breathe, eat, and grow the population. It is unlikely that humanity as a whole could relocate. It would also raise the question of what happens to the species left behind? Would we bring them with us, for example?