• Question: What websites have you built?

    Asked by HannahC to jenniferbolarinwa on 27 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Jennifer Bolarinwa

      Jennifer Bolarinwa answered on 27 Mar 2024:

      Hi Hannah! Thanks for your question and sorry for the late reply – I was on holiday.

      At work, I worked on a site that landlords would use to manage the houses they own. So, they could check things like when rent was due and when they needed to do repair work on the houses.

      As a volunteer, I’ve built websites for charities, one of them being a charity that raises money to provide healthcare for people suffering from lung conditions in Africa.

      In my own free time, I like to build websites that I find fun. So, I’ve made websites to document my sims lives before. When I was learning to code, I made a website about cats. The next website I want to make is a blog, talking about bits of history that I find cool 🙂