• Question: What scientific conundrum would you most want to be solved?

    Asked by seat1nap on 30 Apr 2024.
    • Photo: Sophie Shaw

      Sophie Shaw answered on 30 Apr 2024:

      There are a series of mathematical problems which people are currently unable to solve known as the “Millennium Prize problems”. These would be pretty cool – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Prize_Problems

    • Photo: Rebecca Williams

      Rebecca Williams answered on 3 Jun 2024:

      Ooo this is a great question! I think the question I most want an answer to is completely outside of my field as a dementia researcher and is based on pure curiosity: does other life exist in the universe? I think its just such a fantastically inspiring concept to imagine a race of beings just as complicated as humans but potentially completely different. Though perhaps the fun to that question is the wondering rather than the solution itself.