• Question: How many types of energy are there and is there one that fits all energy?

    Asked by vary1vac to nikrobinson, Martin M, Cris on 8 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Nik Robinson

      Nik Robinson answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      Physics describes energy in various types… sound, heat, chemical, portential, kinetic, etc…
      Energy cannot be made or destroyed, just changed from one form to another…

    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      There are many types of energy… and according to the First Law of Thermodynamics, we can’t destroy energy only turn it from one form to another. Often we turn useful energy into heat that we can’t use as easily.

    • Photo: Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

      Cristina Steliana Mihailovici answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      They are many forms of energy. What is very interesting and innovative is how to use alternative energy in our days, i order to protect the environment. Tidal energy, solar energy, wind energy, for example.

    • Photo: Cliff Williams

      Cliff Williams answered on 10 Apr 2024:

      An interesting and tricky question to answer. As to the first part there is much argument and debate about how many types of energy there are ranging from about 3 – 10. Much of this depends upon the names and definitions used. However what is common about them is there capacity to do work. As some others have commented we normally say that it is neither possible to create or destroy energy but only the ability to convert it from one form to another.

      You have probably heard of Einstein’s theory of special relativity and his famous equation E=mc↑2. Which states that Energy = mass x the Speed of light Squared. This indicates that there is a certain equivalence between mass and energy. One can be transformed into the other and vice versa. So you could maybe argue that one that fits them all is the right hand side of the equation.