• Question: how many hours do you work

    Asked by data1vet on 8 Mar 2024. This question was also asked by base1sap.
    • Photo: Martin McCoustra

      Martin McCoustra answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      I generally work in my office from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday. I made the decision long ago not to work much at the weekend and reserve that for me time. However, I sometimes sneak in work activities over the weekend if they are really necessary.

    • Photo: Jayne Roberts

      Jayne Roberts answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      I work from around 9 am to 5pm from Monday to Thursday. I don’t work on Fridays. This is a choice I made a few years ago so I could have extra time at the weekends to spend with my family.

    • Photo: Michael C Macey

      Michael C Macey answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      A very good question and it depends! I work two science jobs, a lecturer, which is full time (37 hours a week) and an associate lecturer (3 hours a week). In the first role I write papers, teaching materials, go on fieldwork to other countries, go to conferences and support my PhD students. In the second role I give monthly tutorials and mark exams. In theory it could fit into a normal 9-5 and then the odd bit of work in the evening but with some weeks it can become a lot more.

      For example, I was recently on fieldwork in Botswana collecting samples, so my day started at 7 am and ended quite late. For me, I try to keep balance by not working TOO much on the weekend and locking out time for things I like e.g., walking my dogs and playing on the Switch with my wife.

    • Photo: Ravindu Ranaweera

      Ravindu Ranaweera answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      It depends on the workload and how close I am to deadlines. It is hard to switch off sometimes but I generally work from 10-4 and then a few ours on my own at night (hence the late start in the morning).

    • Photo: Isabelle Luk Hang

      Isabelle Luk Hang answered on 8 Mar 2024:

      I work from 09:00 to 06:00 or 08:30 to 05:30 from Monday to Friday but my work is flexible and it depends on complexity of projects and requirements.

      Sometimes I do also work more than that.

    • Photo: Ryan Durnall

      Ryan Durnall answered on 10 Mar 2024:

      I work Monday – Thursday and I alternate between day shifts and late shifts each week.

      Day shift hours are 07:00 – 16:45
      Late shift hours are 16:30 – 02:15

      Having a 3 day weekend every week is a huge bonus that doesn’t come with many aircraft engineering roles, so I’m extremely lucky with my working pattern.

    • Photo: Sandra Robertson

      Sandra Robertson answered on 10 Mar 2024:

      I work from 08:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday, with 30 minutes for a lunch break and two 10 minute tea breaks.

    • Photo: Francesca Bartalini

      Francesca Bartalini answered on 10 Mar 2024:

      30/40 hours per week

    • Photo: Lauren Graham

      Lauren Graham answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      I work 9-5 in the lab and from home on Fridays. Sometimes if it is busy I will work overtime and I also work a standby pattern to respond to emergency samples.

    • Photo: Zoe Vance

      Zoe Vance answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      I usually work about 10-6, Monday to Friday. Might occasionally work a little later if I’m in the middle of something and on a roll at the end of the day, especially if I’m working from home that day. I might also do some bits outside of these hours if there’s a deadline to be met but for the most part there’s no reason for me to work long/weird hours with the kind of work I do, so I don’t.

    • Photo: Gemma Chew

      Gemma Chew answered on 13 Mar 2024:

      I work Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm, so about 30 hours.
      I don’t work on Fridays so I can spend time with my family.

    • Photo: Priscilla Tng

      Priscilla Tng answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      I think it depends on what stage of your career you are at. I typically do about 8-10 hours Monday-Friday in the lab and then another 10 hours a week from home.

    • Photo: Abbie Young

      Abbie Young answered on 14 Mar 2024:

      I work Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm

    • Photo: Festus Ejikemeuwa

      Festus Ejikemeuwa answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      I work 37.5 hours a week but in most days, I end up working more than my contractual hours.

    • Photo: Christie Waddington

      Christie Waddington answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      On an average week, 36 – 40hrs. Sometimes I may do a little more on an evening if I have a big presentation the next day or an important meeting.

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 15 Mar 2024:

      It varies, because I choose my own jobs and hours. I usually work about eight hours a day, but sometimes I work longer during the week so that I can take part of the day (or even the whole day) off on Friday. I have to work long hours when things get busy, but for the most part, I like choosing my own schedule!

    • Photo: Katie Spencer

      Katie Spencer answered on 20 Mar 2024:

      I’m contracted for 35 hours a week – my working hours are flexible (which I LOVE!) but I try to work around 9.30 to 5.30 Monday – Friday. However, if I wanted to work 11am – 7pm that would also be fine, or I could take a big break in the middle of the day and adjust by start and finish times.

    • Photo: Hayley Pincott

      Hayley Pincott answered on 22 Mar 2024:

      I’m very lucky that my full time hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30-5pm. I sometimes need to work through breaks, come in a little earlier or leave a little later but I’m luckier then some of my other colleagues who work on-call and have to cover a service that runs 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 23 Mar 2024:

      32 hours per week. I only work Monday – Thursday, because I have a long term illness and need a long weekend to rest and still have time for fun

    • Photo: Mark Ridgill

      Mark Ridgill answered on 27 Mar 2024:

      I’m supposed to work 40 but generally do more

    • Photo: Sharron Kenny

      Sharron Kenny answered on 4 Apr 2024:

      i work 37.5hrs a week. this is generally split over monday – fridays

      ill work from 8am-4.30pm mondays tuesdays and thursdays are in the lab days and wednesdays and fridays i work from home writing up the reports