• Question: Have collaborations played a significant role in your research? Can you share an example?

    Asked by went1mad to priscillatng, Kirsty L, Amy on 17 Mar 2024.
    • Photo: Priscilla Tng

      Priscilla Tng answered on 17 Mar 2024:

      Yes! Collaborations are very important for research today. Technology is advancing at a very fast rate, and there is a need for us to harness the skills from different fields of research, so that we can better analyse the data we collect in our experiments. One example would be collaborations between wet lab scientists and computer scientists. Wet lab scientists collect many different samples and run different kinds of tests from these samples, but they may not be very experienced in the computer models and algorithms that can draw sophisticated patterns from their data. This is where the computer scientists and data analysts come in. Using their complex algorithms they can help provide much more information about the data for much better informed decisions and future experiments.

    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 23 Mar 2024:

      I am always working with other people. That is because no-one knows everything! Also because we all think of things in different ways, we can come up with new ideas together.

    • Photo: Kirsty Lindsay

      Kirsty Lindsay answered on 27 Mar 2024:

      Yes- my work would be impossible without collaboration! Sometimes we collaborate because we need a special skill, or access to a piece of equipment or because someones has a specific point of view… collaboration is useful in lots of ways! Sometimes we even collaborate just because it is fun to work with lovely interesting people 🙂

      In space collaboration is so normal it’s hard to explain because there would be no space research without it, but an example might be a research team at several universities working together to get an experiment to ISS, while also working with engineering and payload and launch specialists.