• Question: Do your kids find your job intresting?

    Asked by rare1phew on 15 May 2024.
    • Photo: Ryan Durnall

      Ryan Durnall answered on 15 May 2024:

      I don’t have any kids yet, but I’d like to think they would. I was fascinated with aircraft when I was a child, so growing up to be an aircraft engineer and pilot was the dream of little me all those years ago. I look forward to having children so I can share my interests with them and hopefully they enjoy it!

    • Photo: Tina-Jaine Haigh

      Tina-Jaine Haigh answered on 17 May 2024:

      I don’t have kids but I have a gaggle of nephews & nieces. None of them have shown much interest in my job!

    • Photo: Ben Dryer

      Ben Dryer answered on 21 May 2024:

      My Daughter is 5 and knows I do >something< to do with space, but she doesn't really understand what, yet. She picks space themed reading books and things for me, which is sweet and we get to talk about space in general. I've been into her school to do some water rockets and other experiments with her. I think she definitely has an interest in space because of my job and I can't wait until she gets older and I can talk with her more about specifics and other areas of science.

    • Photo: Caroline Roche

      Caroline Roche answered on 23 May 2024:

      They think my job overall is interesting; working in the nuclear industry and creating control systems. They don’t like the amount of writing documents that comes with it but the cool bits like coding, visiting different places and working with lots of big machines makes up for it.

    • Photo: Marianne Morris

      Marianne Morris answered on 6 Jun 2024:

      I have 2 boys (10 and 7) – they know that I work very hard and like to tell their friends that mum is a nuclear physicist. I have also recently started running an after school science club at their primary school and this has got them and lots of their friends more interested in STEM in general. It’s really great to have a part in sparking those interests and curiosity.